Sunni Pouncil Real Estate Agent Mustang OK

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Donna Medina

I purchased a house through Sunni a handful of years earlier. I discovered that she was quite specialized and of an impressive help to my house acquiring experience. Yet the real evidence was when Sunni marketed my house for a lot more than ever thought achievable because I bought it correctly, because of Sunni. Sunni was there to aid me in every measure of the way, and even was kind enough to schedule and meet all assessors, appraisers, and also repairmen throughout the process. And also she made buying a house coming from another area a very easy procedure, and our experts closed in 3 weeks! Many thanks Sunni!


Brenda Reid

Our experts made use of Sunni for the very first time when our family proposed a moving adventure. Our family was surprised with her understanding of the region. Our experts had one weekend break to discover a home and Sunni did it! This most recent adventure was teaming up with her on constructing our beautiful residence considering that our family has come to love Mustang Oklahoma.



After selling our home way above market price, Sunni seemed to understand just what we were searching for just by spending a few moments visiting with us. We are really delighted with our house! Perfect place to live in a nice area! Sunni, you are terrific!


Chantal Adeline

I have actually been party to lots of property sales however this was the best and simplest due to a wonderful real estate agent. Many thanks Sunni for your effort.


Elsie Brust

Our sale was fantastic with Sunni since she marketed our house for above what we were hoping we would certainly be able to do.


Betty Drain

We are actually quite completely satisfied with your terrific company and hard work carried out through Sunni in the marketing of our home.


Carrie Coleman

We both value the terrific job Sunni completed for us.


Swaisgood Bontemps

Thanks a lot Sunni for managing so magnificently the sale of our home.