Sue Feagin - Atlanta Real Estate Agency

Best real estate agent in Atlanta GA with 5-stars ★★★★★


Kiera Holtgrewe

After offering our Atlanta house well above market price, Sue appeared to know just what we were searching for simply by spending a few moments visiting with us. We are extremely happy with our house! Perfect place to live in an ideal neighborhood! Sue, you are excellent!


Dionne Tibbitts

After selling our home well above market value, Sue appeared to know simply exactly what we were trying to find simply by spending a couple of minutes visiting with us. We are extremely delighted with our home! Perfect place to live in a nice community! Sue, you are great!



Sue collected superb advertising components which resulted in an immediate sale. The real property sales procedure has become considerably complex lately and Sue skillfully managed every step of the procedure. We highly suggest Sue.


Casie Jeff

I have actually been party to several property purchases but this was actually the most effective and best due to an excellent real property representative. Many thanks Sue for your hard work.



Each aspect was carefully explained in minute detail by Sue, including house preparation for showings, agreements, and deal information.


Vicente Yafaie

Really this high sales price was a fantastic shock. We will continue to use Sue for future listings along with recommendations on purchases too.


Horace Hinkle

Everything was explained in minute detail by Sue, consisting of staging, contracts, and deal information.


Glenna Fonville

Terrific! Would contact Sue again without a doubt!