Sue Feagin - Acworth Real Estate Agency

Best real estate agent in Acworth GA with 5-stars ★★★★★



After selling our home well above market price, Sue appeared to know simply what we were searching for just by spending a few minutes talking with us. We are extremely pleased with our home! Perfect place to live in an ideal community! Sue, you are fantastic!


Mee Adelsperger

I have actually been involved in several realty deals but this was actually the best and simplest because of a terrific real property agent. Many thanks Sue for your hard work.


Jason Caprio

Sue administered extensive marketing research on our home prior to our first meeting which made the choice of our listing agent an easy decision.


Sherry Murray

We are really satisfied with your great company and 24/7 work done by Sue in the selling of our property.


Melissa Newell

You undoubtedly got for us way more than your compensation. Many thanks and God bless.


Ebony Back

Thank you a lot Sue for handling so well the closing for our house.


Marie Iverson

We all appreciate the excellent work Sue completed for us.


Adelsperger Ronna

Splendid! Would utilize Sue once more for certain!


Vivan Gerald

Every item was described in minute detail by Sue, consisting of staging, closing documents, and deal information.