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Best real estate agent in Antioch CA with 5-stars ★★★★★


Betty Drain

After selling our home way above market price, Sherri appeared to know simply exactly what we were looking for simply by spending a couple of moments visiting with us. We are really happy with our home! Perfect place to live in an ideal community! Sherri, you are excellent!


James Roberts

We are extremely delighted with the result we had with this wonderful real estate representative because primarily we made more cash on the sale of our residence than anyone anticipated here. Thanks again Sherri!


Reinecke Alsman

Sherri collected outstanding advertising and marketing materials which caused an immediate sale. The real estate selling method has actually ended up being increasingly complicated in recent years and Sherri skillfully managed every action of the method. We highly encourage the choice of Sherri.


Dallas Margot

We are very pleased with the result we had with this terrific real estate agent due to the fact that mainly we made more cash on the sale of our property than anybody expected. Thanks again Sherri!


Ruth Benes

Excellent job on the selling of our residence completed by Sherri and we profited quite well. Impressive professionalism and quick.


Diane Jones

My sale of our property was fantastic with Sherri since she sold our residence for higher than what we were wishing we could be able to offer it for.