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Best real estate agent in San Lorenzo CA with 5-stars ★★★★★


Kari Hernandez

After selling our San Lorenzo home well above market value, Roseanna appeared to know simply exactly what we were trying to find simply by investing a couple of moments visiting with us. We are very delighted with our home! Perfect location to reside in a nice neighborhood! Roseanna, you are terrific!


Carol Manzano

Thank you $AGENT! From the initial appointment with Roseanna throughout the entire marketing procedure, we saw excellent service. Roseanna conducted significant marketing research on our home prior to our first appointment which made the selection of our seller agent an effortless selection.


Allison Coleman

I have been party to a lot of real estate purchases yet this was actually the most effective and most convenient as a result of a remarkable realty agent. Many thanks Roseanna for your hard work.


Amos Johnson

Definitely this large profit was a fantastic shock. We will definitely always use Roseanna for future home listings in addition to suggestions on acquisitions.


Tess Scarsella

We felt particularly confident by exactly how he was able to arrange for the purchase of our house for much more cash than we all had expected.


Diane Dill

You absolutely gained for us way more than your compensation. Many thanks and the Lord bless.