Daphne Anderson Real Estate Agent Lemon Grove CA

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Kara Hamilton

This is certainly the most dedicated property team I have actually ever seen! During the total process this group was devoted, trustworthy, devoted, and so much more! The entire Daphne Anderson team will blow you away with their wonderful service. If you are seeking to buy or offer a property in Lemon Grove then look no more, you will not discover a finer group!


Eduardo Buckley

I got a house with the aid of Daphne a couple of years earlier. I discovered that she was incredibly specialized and of a superior support to my home acquiring expertise. Yet the genuine verification was actually when Daphne offered my property for so much more than ever thought achievable because I bought it right, thanks to Daphne. Daphne was available to assist me in every action of the transaction, and even went so far as to meet all inspectors, appraisers, and also service techs throughout the procedure. And also she made buying a house coming from yet another area an extremely very easy method, and also we closed in three full weeks! Thanks Daphne!


Bobbie Rivera

The Daphne Anderson team will make certain your deal goes as smooth as achievable! If you are hoping to team up with the specialists in this local area, this is the team to use. This team possesses considerable amounts of information to market your home as promptly as achievable.


Gloria Schulte

Daphne was the very best I have actually ever run into. Fantastic photography as well as staging. Daphne did a fantastic market evaluation, as well as the greatest offer I received on my house was precisely what she informed me the leading offer would be.


Adelmund Preston

My transaction with Daphne with the Daphne Anderson agency was actually great from start to finish. Daphne was actually really kind and understanding throughout our property search as well as regularly made a thoughtful initiative to do just about anything she could do to aid our team.


Annette Reisinger

I have actually been involved in many realty transactions however this was actually the most effective and best due to a wonderful property agent. Many thanks Daphne for your effort.


Mazierski Dzledzic

We are extremely pleased with the result we had with this terrific real estate representative since especially we made more profit on the sale of our property than anyone could have dreamed possible. Many thanks Daphne!


Patsy Gaytan

Numerous realty seller agents I have used before now were pretty good, but there is no way to compare them to Daphne due to the negotiating abilities and know-how she has revealed to us.


Moeder Rieger

Excellent transaction on the selling of our house through Daphne and we got top dollar. Outstanding reliability as well as quick.


Connie Alvarez

We are really pleased with the result and how much cash we acquired for our home so fast, thanks to Daphne.


Pogorelc Fulda

You undoubtedly gained for us way more than your compensation. Many thanks and the Lord bless.


Luisa Jentzen

We felt particularly relaxed because of exactly how she had the ability to arrange for the sale of our property for much more profit than we had expected.