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Best real estate agent in Chula Vista CA with 5-stars ★★★★★


Elaine Wilkey

Our experts collaborated with the Daphne Anderson group, exclusively along with Daphne Anderson, for the second time. We had a terrific experience. Daphne is actually remarkably knowledgeable throughout the entire buying, building, as well as marketing process for a residence. Definitely she becomes your advocate, most significant supporter, confidant and pal.


Craig Diazdeleon

After offering our home well above market value, Daphne appeared to understand simply what we were looking for just by spending a few moments talking with us. We are really pleased with our house! Perfect place to live in a nice neighborhood! Daphne, you are terrific!


Anna Clay

Daphne put together exceptional advertising and marketing products which caused a prompt agreement. The property sales procedure has actually become more and more intricate recently and Daphne expertly managed every action of the method. We very much suggest choosing Daphne.


Glenna Fonville

I have been party to many property transactions but this was the greatest and most convenient as a result of an excellent realty agent. Many thanks Daphne for your effort.


Anna Kelly

Many real estate seller agents I have actually used before now were excellent, nonetheless there was no comparison them to Daphne because of the negotiating abilities and competence she has truly revealed to us.


Maybelle Stancil

Great job on the sale of our home by Daphne and we received a huge profit. Incredible professionalism as well as quick.


Antonia Ellis

I obtained many offers on my home the very first day it was on the market, several of them over the listing price. We signed a contract the next day and closed less than two weeks later. I could not understand just how things could have gone much better. If you need a representative in this area, I suggest Daphne extremely.


Colleen Perkins

Daphne absolutely deserved the commission she received many times over.


Luger Rufenacht

Everything was carefully explained in minute detail by Daphne, consisting of preparing the house for showing, agreements, and transaction information.